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An engaging dark comedy game

60 Seconds! is an engaging survival game in the dark comedy genre. The game begins with atomic warning sirens going off in a near-apocalyptic world. You need to dash around the home, collect different items, search supplies, and attempt to survive in a small shelter. The game finds its inspiration in the popular action game called Fallout Shelter

With exceptional storytelling and good graphics, this Windows game reveals the riveting adventure of survival, hardship, and togetherness. While protecting yourself from the hazards of nuclear fallout, you'll need to keep the entire family safe.


Save yourself from a nuclear fallout

60 Seconds! begins with sirens informing the region about a nuclear attack. As soon as the game starts, you need to make a dash around the home, grab supplies, and ask your family members to proceed towards the shelter. You don’t have much time, and the one-minute frantic gameplay sets the tone for the entire duration of the game.

To keep yourself safe, you need to grab important items, such as guns, radios, food, water, etc. Once you’re in the shelter, every day brings a series of decisions. Each morning, you need to encounter new challenges, choices, and even send out members of the family for scavenging. 

While this isn’t a full-fledged action game like PUBG for Windows, you still get a dose of thrilling sequences.

What’s the storyline?

Ted, the primary character in the game, is a family man and responsible citizen. His suburban life gets tossed up when the region faces a nuclear apocalypse. With just 60 seconds remaining until impact, Ted needs to dash through his home, look for supplies, make some tough choices, and head to shelter. During this period, everything works against Ted’s pace, trying to slow him down.

For instance, the furniture in the living room could act as an obstacle between him and water, while the kitchen cabinets might get stuck when Ted tries to look for food items. 

His only chance of staying alive is to reach shelter in time. Since Ted lives with his family, he needs to make sure all the members are safe and protected.

Every morning comes with a new survival story. You can expect surprises and exciting sequences, and one family member or another will have to head out into the open, regardless. At the same time, given that this is a survival game, you'll have to be strategic about rationing food, water, and other items. 

Venturing into the wasteland is a necessity, not a stroll in the park.

How to survive the nuclear fallout?

Once you’ve secured a wide range of items, you enter the second phase of the game. 

With a completely destroyed neighborhood, you realize the power of nukes. This phase is less dynamic,  but you'll have to maximize your strategy and gameplay skills. Now, your family’s struggle to live becomes much more real through these difficult times.

The game focuses on a survival journal interface, which requires you to live from one day to the nex. Random events keep popping up and require someone to step into the desolated surrounding area. Sometimes, you'll have to look for food and in other sequences, you'll have to save other people.

All the supplies you gathered in the first phase of the action game don’t last for long. Sooner or later, a family member will need to head out to look for water, food, lights, weapons, and more. Basically whatever you find in the game comes with a strict lifespan.

Moreover, while heading out, one person can only take one item. This makes the task more challenging. 

For instance, you might want to take a torch to show you the way in the night. However, it could result in sickness by radiation due to the lack of a gas mask.

Such moments can turn out to be a nightmare for the family. Ted needs to give support to everyone while coming up with life-saving strategies to stay safe.

What are the different game modes?

To keep you engaged with the storyline, this interesting Windows game features multiple game modes

here’s the ‘Government Boot Camp’, which acts as a tutorial to help you understand various dynamics in the game. In this mode, an Army officer gives you certain orders, while text narration explains the objectives.

Once you have completed this mode, you’re free to choose other options. For instance, you can choose to play a ‘Classic Round’, which focuses on a combination of bunker survival and house scavenge mode. Additionally, you can skip right to the ‘Shelter’ mode, where you already have a list of resources.

The game also has a ‘Challenge’ section, which requires you to complete multiple tasks within 60 seconds. This one can be quite taxing yet extremely fun for hardcore fans. Given the short time-frame, you’re always on your toes.

Compared to other survival games, such as Terraria and Raft, this one comes with unique art-style graphics. The visuals remind you of children’s cartoons and take you back to 1950’s America. The developer uses vivid and bright colors to reflect the dark comedy theme of the game.

Finally, 60 Seconds! comes with limited content. As such, after a while, the game feels repetitive. Having said that, the unusual gameplay, particular graphics, and dark humor keep you interested for a long time

The feeling that you’re alone working against the world ties you to the true essence of the survival genre.



Limited in content yet fun to play


With comedic writing, engaging storyline, and art-style graphics, 60 Seconds! is an excellent choice to play a thrilling survival game on your Windows PC. While you may be worried about limited content, it’s still a fun, casual action game.



  • Good storytelling
  • Easy to play
  • Comic sequences
  • Unique art-style graphics


  • Limited content
  • Feels repetitive

Also available in other platforms

User reviews about 60 Seconds!

  • Paige Bennett

    by Paige Bennett

    Its fun and it's cool to know what you get from leaving the thing. And it's so exhilarating.


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