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60 Seconds! for Windows

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  • Version: 2016

Nuclear fallout survival game

60 Seconds is a darkly comedic apocalyptic survival game. As the atomic warning sirens go off, players must dash around their home to gather supplies before attempting to survive in a cramped shelter.

Life below

With a touch of inspiration from the Fallout series, 60 Seconds tells the tale of one family and their attempt to survive after a nuclear attack. The game begins with a mad dash around the character's home, grabbing supplies and family members during a strict time frame. This one minute of frantic gameplay sets the tone for the rest of the play-through as certain items, such as a radio or gun, are more important than others. After this, days pass within the fallout shelter through a series of decisions. Each new morning will bring random events, choices to eat supplies or to send out family members for scavenging. At this point, 60 Seconds is more of a point and click than anything, but the comedic writing and art style keep players engaged. Watching the corpse of the wife degrade while the husband talks to a sock sets a unique tone which is hugely enjoyable. The game is fairly limited in terms of play time, however, and should be thought of as a casual/occasional title.

Jump in

60 Seconds is a charming game. Despite the limited amount of content on offer, the overall care in development provides a complete experience.


  • Great storytelling
  • Dark comedy


  • Small amount of content
  • Extremely repetitive


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60 Seconds!


60 Seconds! 2016 for PC


User reviews about 60 Seconds!

  • Paige Bennett

    by Paige Bennett

    Its fun and it's cool to know what you get from leaving the thing. And it's so exhilarating.

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